Travel writers, sport fishing reporters, editors for family publications…Gold Beach has hosted many professionals who return to their keyboards relaxed and refreshed, their heads buzzing with all the gorgeous imagery Gold Beach offers.

This site will provide you with detailed information to launch your Gold Beach story. All copy and graphics are available for publication use.

Press Room: History
Salmon, gold and the kind of natural beauty that can bring the most toughened outdoorsman to tears all provide background color to a place that remains remarkably untouched and unaffected by the times.  » more

Press Room: Fact Sheet
No need to spend time digging up the important and necessary details – we’ve gathered them all here so you can focus on the fun stuff. » more

Press Room: Local News
News happens in Gold Beach, and we’ll keep you posted when someone breaks the salmon record again or an event is happening that your readers will want to know about. » more

Press Room: Visitor Attractions
Here are some of the things that make Gold Beach a destination for such a wide range of people. For starters, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. And second, you can’t beat the setting. » more