Water Sports fans will find Gold Beach to be an ideal base camp for water-sport adventures. Whether you Windsurf, Kitesurf, Standup or Paddle Surf, or Kayak, the area never ceases to challenge, impress and amaze. And if you just came to watch, depending on the wind and surf conditions, you’ll often see colorful sails and kites as they surf and soar In Gold Beach at Hunter Creek and at the Rogue Jetty. Other popular spots for Kiting and WIndsurfing are just south of town at “the Cape” (Mile Post 336.5 on US 101), “the Rock” (MP 338) and near the mouth of the Pistol River  (MP 339)  And while it seems there are quality surfing breaks at nearly every turnoff, the best surfers seem to prefer the waves at the Jetty in town and the Cape just over the hill. Also check the area just south of Meyer’s Creek (MP 337.5) for good standup, boogie board and Kayak waves.  

While the south coast happens to feature world class conditions year around, the peak seasons for water-sport doing, watching and competition are the Spring and Summer. Notably, Gold Beach hosts the Pistol River Wave Bash a stop of the American WIndsurfing Tour. Summer brings to the coast the awesome wind that international windsurfers crave. The Pistol River Wave Bash occurs annually in June. The Wave Bash is part of the International Windsurfing Tour and attracts professional and amateur surfers from around the world alike. The event at Pistol River is the only U.S. location on the championship tour. Please check out their website: 


And if watching all that fun gets you interested in trying it, for entry level conditions or lessons, you can always head to Floras Lake, two miles east of US 101 near Port Orford (MP?). Floras Lake  

South Coast Tours offer Guided kayaking, fishing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the amazing south coast of Oregon 

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