Storm Watching

Storm Watching on the Beautiful Southern Oregon Coast in Gold Beach

Coastal storms are fascinating! Many visitors come to the coast specifically during the winter to observe as the forces of natures strike the coast with high winds, huge waves and horizontal volleys of rain.

But whether you park at the water’s edge or watch from an ocean or river front room, the raging surf is an experience you won’t soon forget. Weather in Gold Beach is spectacular, dramatic, and unpredictable.

Storm watching doesn’t necessarily mean pulling on rain gear and leaning into 60 MPH winds. In fact, huge waves created by swells from storms still out at sea precede the actual storm. The sun can be shining and the wind only a calm breeze as you watch heavy surf crash into a headland, cape or jetty.

The result? The airborne mist and cream-like froth cascade over the rocks, leaving you mesmerized.

The months of November through February bring the biggest surf, and the most excitement for storm watchers. Thankfully, there are many overlooks, viewpoints and state parks north and south of Gold Beach on Highway 101 that are excellent locations to begin your winter storm watching adventures.

Winter at the Beach…

Outdoor activities: Winter season is a great time to be on the southern Oregon coast. Beach combing is actually best when tumultuous seas deposit a variety of treasures on local beaches.

Luckily, Gold Beach enjoys a very temperate climate that allows for outdoor activities even in mid-winter, and it’s not unusual to have a major wind or rainstorm followed by a series of warm, bright and sunny days, with blue skies chasing the clouds away.

Actually, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to winter-time activities: Whale watch, storm watch, beachcomb, hike, crab and ride horses. Of course, whale and storm watching can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your room or vehicle.

Indoor activities: From a cozy river or oceanfront room, you can snuggle up to a fire, relax in a hot tub, read a book or sip piping-hot cup of coffee. When you venture out, enjoy a fresh Dungeness crab and other delicacies at local eateries. Then, wander through the several art galleries and gift shops in town.