Gold Beach Visitor's Center- Glass Float Headquarters

Annual Glass Float Treasure Hunting along the Southern Oregon Coast

1 Month – 1 Mile – 1000 Floats

                               During The Month Of April, Visit Gold Beach, Oregon

Search For Beach Treasure!

Begin your adventure at the GOLD BEACH VISITOR CENTER – AKA Float Headquarters – to receive a Treasure Map to learn where over 1000 glass floats are hidden during the month of April.

Shop For Your Beach Treasure

Your Treasure Map will also list participating shops where you will qualify to get a FREE GIFT if you spend a minimum of $25. Bring the shop receipt to the Gold Beach Visitor’s Center to receive your gift. Please note receipts will not be accepted after May 1,2024.

Win A Beach Treasure

When visiting the GBVC Float Headquarters, you may be randomly selected to receive a special float gift.

Enjoy Your Treasure Hunt, Have fun but just take one!

So, Other Treasure Hunters May Experience The Thrill Of Finding A Treasure! 

Just A Bit Of Float History!

Beginning in Norway in 1844, fishermen would attach glass floats to provide buoyancy to their nets.  Japan began using glass floats for the same purpose in 1910. Other countries, including England, France, Russia, and the United States by 1940.


Gold Beach Treasure Hunt on the beach