Treasure Hunting at the Oregon coast 

February, March, & April–Treasure Hunting Season in Gold Beach!

It’s Treasure Hunting Season in Gold Beach! During the months of February, March, & April we hide 144 glass floats each week on our beach. On different days and in different locations, our float fairies hide glass floats. above the high surf line in the driftwood and beach grass. You can find the floats from the south Rogue River jetty to past Kissing Rock state wayside. That’s almost 3 miles of our awesome beach!

Before you start your Treasure Hunt stop in the Visitor Center (south end of Gold Beach—turn west at the Veteran’s Memorial) and get a map of the hunting locations and a map of retailers that participate in our indoor treasure hunting. Once out on the beach, if you are a lucky treasure hunter–you get to keep your float, but bring it into the Visitor Center to be entered in a monthly drawing for a Gold Beach mini-vacation package that includes an overnight stay, dinner, and 2 Jerry’s Jet Boat tickets*. If you get skunked in your hunting adventure—never fear—you can still claim some treasure! Shop at one of the retailers on the map, spend at least $25 and bring your receipt to the Visitor Center and you get a FREE float (you can get up to 3 free floats depending on how much you spend).

The week of Valentine’s is special for glass float hunting. We hide red colored floats exclusively at this time. Make your Valentine’s Day special this year by planning a storm watching trip and red float treasure hunt with your sweetie. You could also win a return trip if you are the lucky February drawing winner.

Glass Float Treasure Hunting is great fun, BUT for everyone to enjoy themselves we ask that folks be fair — please take JUST ONE found float per person. If you find more than one, be fair and leave it for other visitors to find and enjoy their treasure hunt — or better yet, be part of the REAL fun and re-hide the float for someone else to discover.

Please keep in mind we REALLY DO put out 125 floats per week on a 2.5 mile stretch of beach—but it’s a Treasure HUNT and not always a Treasure FIND—the floats are out there each week but we don’t guarantee (or advertise) that you will find one. Part of the problem is some hunters take more than one float which reduces the number for other hunters, and unfortunately there are Float Filchers that deliberately swipe the floats—which is very frustrating, but once they are hidden we can’t prevent filching—darn it! If you want a guaranteed float–then please participate in the indoor treasure hunting and bring us your $25 receipt to receive your free float.
*One entry per month in the monthly prize drawing.